Helped with Arthritis and Energy

"I am a 66 year old woman and take some powerful medications to keep the three types of arthritis I am troubled with under control.  For over a year, I have been taking four of your velvet antler capsules daily in addition to my arthritis medications without any interactions.   I have noticed that since taking the velvet antler I have been able to withstand longer period s in-between taking my scheduled meds. Because of velvet antler, I can definitely say I have more energy than ever before. " Jackie Bruckbauer , Madison , WI 

   I have severe arthritis in my hands.  My friend, Ceil Stamm, told me about the product.  She has arthritis in her hands and is a quilter.  She took elk antler velvet - the arthritis stopped progressing as far as the aches and growths.  I started using it - felt a definite difference.  I ran out of product - didn't refill it for 2 months - and immediately the aches and growth resumed.  I just received another supply and can feel the difference in my hands already.  Kathy Larson, Age 60, Wautoma, WI  

Knee Pain, Energy Level, Vitality, and Exercise Recovery

  "I take many supplements and the benefits of some of them do overlap.  However, I have observed some effects from the antler that I feel confident are traceable right to the antler.  I was introduced to the benefits of antler in a conversation in 2005 with Dr. Eugene Shippen, author of the book The Testosterone Syndrome.  He originally recommended antler as a supplement that could help my knee, where I have had some chronic meniscus problems.  I do feel that antler helps my knee because it is so rich in growth factors.  However, where I perceive a very clear effect is in energy level, vitality and exercise recovery.  I am able to take it and feel an effect in very short order.  I also feel that antler has a very noticeable effect on sexual energy and drive.  It may give a hormonal boost.  I take at least a teaspoon per day, sometimes more if I'm tired.  As you know, I have introduced antler to my family and give it to my dogs also.  In conclusion, I take many supplements and am always looking for ways to use nutrition to help me feel young and stay active.  I'm 57, play racquetball 4 times per week, hike 2 miles per day and enjoy weight training.  Among my supplements, elk antler has been the one I've used most consistently and that's why I buy it by the kilo.  Thanks for being a dependable supplier of a high quality product" Sincerely, Darrell Kay   

Triathlete Benefits

 I first started taking velvet antler after speaking with Diana Susen about my training for my first triathlon.  Once she new of my task at hand, she suggested taking velvet antler to see how it would help my training.  Within days of starting it, I noticed a nice increase in my metabolism.  The aching I was starting to have in my knees stopped and they have not bothered me since.  My training went well and I have since completed my triathlon-bringing home a third place finish!  My times for each of the three events I would be doing had decreased nicely.  I had a 15 mile bike ride to do during the triathlon and I had tried feverishly to get my time for that under an hour.  I had no luck.  After about a week on the velvet antler, my time had dropped from my fastest being 1 hour and 2 minutes down to 54 minutes!  My running was more comfortable, my swimming was smooth, it all came together.  Now that the triathlon is over, I have done other events, one being a duathlon in Green Bay.  That is a 3 mile run/32 mile bike/1 mile run.  I also did well with that even though I was suffering from a bad cold.  The velvet antler gives me an all day "comfort and ease" feeling.  I do not get any "up" and "down" moments like slamming a red bull would do.  It's a great product and I will continue on it as long as I am here!  I look forward to next year and all the events I have planned.  More triathlons for sure!  I also have my big goal of doing my first half-marathon run on May 17th, 2009! Diana Behrend, Triathlete, Slinger Wisconsin 

Itchy hands

 Your velvet antler is some amazing stuff.  As the owner of my own business specializing in Active Relief Techniques (ART), I put in long hours helping my clients feel better, and at the end of the day, I feel the affects.  Since I have been taking your elk velvet antler, I have found relief for my  achy hands.   I also started giving my fifteen year old dog the capsules.  Although she has some structural problems, she must be having some relief as well, as since she’s been on the velvet antler; I noticed a spark in her attitude.  I’ve already told my clients about how your product has helped us, and now they too are taking your velvet antler.  Gene Berry,   

Feel Stronger

 "I have tried Chiropractic Glucosomine and acupuncture over a period of two years.  My ongoing back-aches, knee and  hip problems always seemed to be there.  Although my symptoms are not completely gone I have found more strength and relief in my joints than I have felt in a very long time.  I've been taking three capsules of your Meadow Creek velvet antler for approximately one month; also noticed my fingernails have never been able to grow to any length with breaking; now I can actually file them.  Lastly, my hair dresser also noticed a difference in my hair, being somewhat fuller and easier to style.  If this is what happens within a month, I can't wait to see my in a year.:  Lana Kohler, WI  

Helps Joint Pain

 " I am an RN at Froedtert Hospital, I was diagnosed many years ago with an unspecified connective tissue disorder (it has stumped the physicians), but has taken its toll on all of my joints. I would usually take 12-16 Advil a day to help with the inflammation and pain. Since starting on Velvet Antler in 9/2009, I have been able to start exercising daily (walking 3 miles)

Helps with Depression and PMS Symptoms

 N.C. from San Diego, California - "Thank you for sending the velvet antler so quickly.  I am giving this to my son who has had a drug problem since high school with speed.  The re-hab clinic has helped, but not as much as the way he feels taking velvet antler.  It gives him energy and it overcomes depression.  It is truly a remarkable product."

"I have found that Velvet Antler has reduced the side effects of PMS. My husband said "What has happened to you, you don't have those PMS symptoms."
- Jo Ellen Loewenthal, Cedarburg, WI 

Helps with Knee Pain

 Female, 68, taking 1 mid morning - 

"The pain in my knees are greatly improved, and can walk without pain."  J.B., Rockford, IL 

"Before taking your elk velvet antler, i had shooting pain in my knee and it penetrated down my leg causing enough pain for me to shout out "Ouch!"  Taking two of your Elk Velvet Antler capsules daily has stopped the shooting pain.  I tell everyone that Elk Velvet Antler has helped and have sent others to your website."   Lynn Barlow, Modesto California 

Immune System Booster & Helps with Arthritis

 Male, 41, taking 3 in the morning - 

"My immune system has increased.  I have not been sick for a year."  S.S., Dayton, MN 

 "My hands were so bad with arthritis that I couldn't even close them. But taking 4 capsules a day has really made a difference.  I can close my hands again "

 Cecelia Stamm - Conroe, Texas 


Higher Energy Levels

  Male, 41, taking 1-2 in the morning-

"Energy levels stay up till the work is done.  I have gotten completely off of depression medication." E.C., Sauk Centre, MN

"These velvet antler pills have sure helped me. They have given me more energy and more ambition to do my every day things. I have arthritis in my knees, so walking isn't easy any more. I walk with a cane. Since I have been taking Velvet Antler, I can walk longer without my cane. They are a blessing to me. Also, these pills are made from one of God's animals."
- Gladys Mac Donald, Wayzata, MN 

Chronic Back and Muscle Pain

  Male, 28, taking 3 in the morning -

"I have chronic lower back pain from a damaged disk.  After 2 weeks of taking velvet antler the pain lessened."T.B., Port Washington, WI 

Female, 51, taking 3 capsules in the morning -

"I have rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  Velvet antler helps with reducing my muscle pain and reducing my inflammation.  I ran out of my pills and did I ever experience  increased pain until I started back on them again."

Increased Weight Training Abilities

 "I have noticed an increase in my training abilities during weight training.  I have noticed a 15 lb.  increase in my weights during my workouts.  I also can complete a 2 to 3 hour workout much easier then before. My muscle soreness also has decreased after workouts."  John Lemke,  Fitness Trainer

 "Velvet Antler has been utilized in cultures around the world. It's now time that North Americans know of the benefits of this product."
-John Abdo, Fitness Trainer and Olympic Strength Coach 

Elk Velvet helps our collie


"We have been giving elk velvet to our senior dogs for a few years now and it did wonders to their mobility.  We have had big-size dogs as pets for over 20 years.  Our first two dogs are collies, a breed which quite often have hip dyspepsia issues.  This problem caused our first collie to lose the use of his hind legs at age 9 and eventually we had to put him down at age 10.  When we adopted Annie at age 8, we started giving her elk velvet and even our neighbors noticed her improvement in mobility and always commented that Annie was getting more and more agile as time went on.  After 7 years, Annie passed away due to cancer and until the very end, she could walk with ease.  Now with our 9-year-old chow chow mix, the elk velvet is maintaining her mobility as she ages and she still waggles as she goes on her walks.  It makes us so happy to see her being able to enjoy her walks.  As long as the product is humanely developed, we will continue to give our canine friends this supplement to prolong the enjoyment of their short lives.  Thanks!"


Helps with eczema

" I wanted to tell you that I ordered the lotion for my daughter. She has eczema very badly and it has become more severe in the past few months. She has been using it since we received it( not even a full week) and it HAS made quite a difference! The areas have become much less noticeable and the itch and pain she had has also started to become less. We didn’t like using the medical grade prescription ointments for many reasons and I think we have found our new go to! " Sarah  

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