The History of MCEF

The Past and Present

 "The heritage of farming continued to grow as this exploding new industry unfolds"

The Farm

The Old Homestead of Meadow Creek Elk Farms

 The barn and outbuildings on our 130 year old homestead, in rural West Bend, WI, sat vacant for many years. Long gone are the days of dairy cows in the barn, crops in the fields and corn in the silo. The new era in agriculture and  health awareness has made this old farm useful once again. The pastures were enclosed with eight foot fence.  The dairy cows were replaced with elk that forage on high quality grasses and legumes for their native diet. Supplemented with hay, to maintain their body condition, our elk live low-stress lives,  allowing for the development of high quality antlers and safe, healthy, natural and nutritious meat.  The heritage of farming continued to grow as this exploding new industry unfolds.

The History

At Meadow Creek Elk Farms, LLC (MCEF) Diana Susen and Robert Susen raised the elk for their velvet antler, a mainstay in traditional Chinese medicine, probably second only to ginseng in importance.  The antlers were harvested annually during the early stages of growth (velvet), dried and were used in the form of powder or in capsule form.  Velvet antler is taken as a nutritional supplement for maintaining healthy joints, , to boost strength and endurance, the immune system, energy and for anti-aging.  MCEF was Wisconsin's largest distributor of elk velvet antler capsules, supplied Herbal Companies, Health and Nutrition Stores and other elk and deer ranchers with 100% elk velvet antler capsules for distribution.  They also supplied Korean families living in close proximity to WI, frozen velvet antler.  Diana Susen developed another velvet antler product.  E-fusion lotionĀ® was a moisturizing lotion used to renew and rejuvenate the skin.  In 2007 they received the exclusive rights for her product name and formula with being granted the registered trademark from the US Patent office.  They also sold elk meat.  It was available in a variety of cuts and could be purchased at the farm or at select retail locations. Another by-product from the elk is their ivory teeth.  She engaged with a local goldsmith to make beautiful sterling silver pendants and earrings with the ivories which they sold on their website.  With extra hard antler, Bob had created antler decor items such as lamps, benches and tables which he would offer for sale.

MCEF Today

" I would rather live 65 wonderful years than a mediocre 85"

Diana Susen's passion was the Elk Farm and engaging with the community.  She passed away in 2014, but her legacy will live on for years to come.  She impacted many with her positive energy, strong work ethic, and kindness.  Bob still enjoys building antler furniture and lamps as a hobby. 

Today MCEF is ran by her husband and two daughters. They continue to sell Velvet Antler powder and capsules which can be purchased online.  MCEF still has Velvet Antler processed and encapsulated by an outside vendor. You can also place orders for custom made jewelry made out of your ivories. Check out the "Custom Made Jewelry" tab at the top.