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Please input the word(s) that you would like to search for in our product database. For additional control you may choose to search on "All Words" or "Any Words" or for the "Exact Phrase."  For additional search options use Advanced Search.   After you have clicked on the quantity of the item you would like to purchase a pop-up window will confirm your selection into your shopping cart.  If your system controls pop-ups, and you experience problems, please call your order in to our toll free line 1-888-692-3113.

Some customers are experiencing problems when placing an order on the webstore.  We are aware of this and upgrading the webstore is underway.  If you are experiencing problems, please call our toll free 1-888=692-3113 for immediate assistance. For your trouble of calling, we offer an additional free bottle of e-fusion lotion .

We provide the best protection for our customers. When you enter the "Check out" section of our web-store, you will enter a "secure server" to insure that the information  you provide is protected and safe.  Notice  the lock icon on the address bar for verification that you are on our secure shopping cart.

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