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BOOK REVIEW by Nina Anderson, Century Publications

Book Title: "Velvet Antler, Nature抯 Superior Tonic"Author: Alison Davidson

This book that reveals how this powerful rejuvenating tonic boosts physical stamina and mental power, builds blood, normalizes blood pressure, treats joint problems, improves liver and kidney function and helps prevent aging. Velvet antler is one of the most important herbs in Oriental medicine, and has been documented in use for over 2000 years.

Among the several thousand herbs used in Chinese traditional medicine, there is a small but elite group known since ancient times as the 憫klingly拻 or 憫Imperial拻 herbs. These were the tonic herbs used by emperors and sages, the wealthy and discerning; very special herbs that were recognized as having extraordinary health promoting benefits for those fortunate, or wealthy enough to acquire them.

While relatively unknown in the West, many of these wonderful tonic herbs have a history of continuous use dating back thousands of years, and they are still in use today for one reason only棗because they work.

Among these kingly herbs, and ranking alongside ginseng as one of the most precious of all, is deer antler velvet, rapidly proving its reputation in the West as an outstanding energy tonic and adaptogen. Today, as a renaissance of herbalism and natural medicine spreads throughout the West, much attention is being focused on remedies which can treat the whole person in a gentle and balanced way. While velvet antler has been extensively researched and used clinically in Russia since the 1930s, recent interest in this ancient remedy has been aroused by the results of a unique scientific testing programme carried out in New Zealand. These results are capturing the attention of scientists in the West and exciting clinical researchers with the potential applications of velvet antler in the area of mainstream medicine.

To date, these groundbreaking tests have shown deer velvet antler:

贩To stimulate the immune system

贩To contain anti-inflammatory agents reducing pain and inflammation

贩To contain marked anabolic or growth stimulating properties

贩To increase muscular strength and endurance

贩To significantly reduce the damaging side effects of chemotherapy drugs, while at the same time increasing their effectiveness.

Written to serve as an introduction to this ancient and powerful remedy, this book briefly covers antler velvet抯 history and tradition of use, the scientific research which supports these traditional claims, together with examples of velvet抯 well-documented therapeutic benefits.

AUTHOR: Alison Davidson

Alison Davidson has an extensive history of research into alternative and complementary healthcare both in New Zealand and the US. She is a journalist, editor, author and video producer in the health field combining both Western and Chinese traditional herbal medicine. She works closely with the deer antler velvet industry in New Zealand.

Velvet Antler




CHAPTER ONE: Background技技技11

CHAPTER TWO: Velvet Antler in Oriental Medicine技技技.17

CHAPTER THREE: Traditional Uses技技.25

CHAPTER FOUR: Scientific Research Results技技..35

CHAPTER FIVE: The Therapeutic Benefits of Velvet技技..45

Powerful Tonic Effects

Improved Athletic Performance

Anti-inflammatory & Accelerated Wound Healing

Blood Building & Reduction of Blood Pressure

Anabolic or Growth Stimulating Properties

Sexual Benefits

Velvet for Women

Anti-Aging Effects

Anti-Cancer & AIDS

CHAPTER SIX: Testimonials技技..64


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