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Velvet Antler at the Olympic Games in Sidney, Diana Susen, 9/26/00

  The Research Institute of Pharmacology in Altai, Russia has announced that Pantogematogen, a formula containing velvet antler is being used by  Russian sportsmen for the Olympic Games 2000 in Sidney.   According to the manufacturers of Pantogematogen, research conducted by the Olympic committee of Russia concludes that positive results were achieved in  effective rehabilitation of sportsmen after intensive physical load in some sports teams.  All sportsmen noted good tolerance of loads and high adaptogenic properties when taking this preparation. Makers of Pantogematogen state that their product has been used by athletics from around the world, including sportsmen in the following competitions: World championship at winter sports in Norway, 1997; Winter Youth Olympic Games in Korea, 1997; Winter Olympic Games in Nagano, Japan, 1998; Youth championship at oriental single combat in Johannesburg, The Republic of South African, 1997; and Championship of Europe at boxing in Minsk, Belorrussia, 1998.