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Health Magazines carry stories on Velvet Antler, Diana Susen 9/20/00

  Two of the leading health magazines ran articles on velvet antler in their recent issues.  Steven Foster, one of the most respected names in herbal medicine, is the author of the article on velvet antler that appeared in the  September/October issue of Herbs for Health.  Foster writes “Health experts are intrigued by an emerging supplement with a 2,000-year tradition.”   Animal-derived ‘herbs’ have always been a part of traditional medicine systems, even in the United States.”  He goes on to reveal that  velvet antler is one of the most widely used animal items, not only in China but also in other Asian countries, particularly Korea.  The article points out numerous  health benefits as well as  the research conducted in Asia and Russia. 

  Total Health for Longevity, a magazine  devoted to nutritional supplementation, published the article written by Mark J. Kaylor in its May/June issue called  Velvet Antler: Ancient Tonic, Modern Medicine.

Kaylor writes: “What if there was one substance that could possibly increase your overall energy and endurance, strengthen your joints, increase sexual virility, help you adapt to stressful situations, build your blood, slow the aging process, boost your immune system, improve your memory and so much more? What would you think? No, it’s not a new miracle drug, but a several-thousand-year-old tonic, velvet antler.”

“While the studies and future investigations are welcomed, it appears the ancients had it right all along, velvet antler is an amazing aid for enhancing and maximizing health, longevity and vitality.  Velvet antler is the new “old” remedy for the new millennium.”