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Antler News From Around The World!  Diana Susen October 17th 2000



The Russians werenít the only athletes in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney taking velvet antler. As reported in the recent edition of The Deer Farmer of Wellington, New Zealand, Several athletes have been using the deer velvet as a training aid as a build-up to the Olympics. The article states that athletes taking deer velvet have shown signs of improved strength training and quicker recovery from muscle tissue damages associated with exercise.

Those athletes participating in the pre game training with deer velvet include the world number 1-ranked triathlete Hamish Carter, cyclist, Glen Thomson competing in the 40-km menís points race, and cyclists Julian Dean, competing in the menís road race. Four other individuals have reportedly been taking the deer velvet in during their training.

According to Mark OíConnor, GIB velvet manager, velvet was a highly-regarded training aid among the New Zealand cyclists who includes Glen Thomson, a 1998 Commonwealth Games champion.


Clinical trials for Rheumatoid Arthritis Suffers to take place with Velvet Antler.

The Canadian Elk & Deer Farmer magazine has announced that a grant totally one-quarter of a million dollars has been awarded to a Canadian Health Services Research Foundation for a three year study on the effects of elk velvet antler on rheumatoid arthritis suffers.

Dr. Marion Allen, Professor of Nursing at the University of Alberta is the principal investigator of the triple-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Complete details including the members on the research team were printed in the Late Summer issue of the magazine. The editor of the Canadian Elk & Deer Farmer magazine has given us permission to reprint this article. Please read about this important study below.