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>>MCEF Products Overview


 Elk Velvet Antler

>>Product Info & Quality Standards- Capsule size, Contents, raw velvet, velvet processing, encapsulation

>>Statement of Nutritional Support for Joints

>>Historical Uses-2000 Year-old Medicine, Composition, Structure, Function Claim

>>Velvet for Athletes

      >>Mari Lynn-NCAA Winner

      >>Brad Riekkoff-NationalChampion

>>Velvet for Pets-Helping dogs


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Elk Ivory Jewelry

>>Pendants & Earrings

>>Who makes our jewelry

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Elk Meat

>>MCEF Farm Raised Elk Meat

     Nutritional and Quality Standards


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Decorative Iron Works

>>Made in Wisconsin Laser Pieces

     Ceiling fixtures, wall hangings, fire     rings and more.









Books on Velvet Antler

>>Book and Video Reviews

The remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler, Betty Kamen; A Gift from Nature, Cindy  Ewashkiw and Marion Allen; Velvet Deer Antler, The Ultimate Anti-aging Supplement, Alex Duarte, O.D.phD; Literature Review, Helen J. Batchelder; Velvet Antler, Nature's Superior Tonic, Alison Davidson;

Antler Science and Product Technology Book, Elk Monarch of the Forest Video, North American Council on Elk Ranching




>>Research and Scientific Studies

Reviews of clinical studies and evaluations of research projects on velvet antler


Elk News

>>Immune System and Velvet Antler

>>Osteoporosis & Velvet Antler

>>Rheumatoid Arthritis and Velvet Antler



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