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VELVET ANTLER Product Information and Quality Standards

On our farms in Wisconsin, we raise high genetic bulls, who have a record of producing premium quality antlers. The elk are pastured on alfalfa fields and supplemented with a mixture of grains and minerals with no artificial additives.

  • The antlers are harvested annually, under tight guidelines outlined by the North American Elk Breeders Association, using no drugs, and causing no harm or stress to the elk.
  • The complete antler is dried and processed in an antler drying facility, one designed after the original Korean methods of drying. Traditional Korean method of drying consists of drying the antler very slow, at a very low temperature, using consistent use of fans, much like the convention oven of today.
  • The ground antler is then micro biologically tested (bacterial analysis-standard plate count).
  • Encapsulation is done in a FDA inspected lab that operates according to strict Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMP).
  • Each Capsule contains 250 mg. of 100% elk antler, using no additives or fillers.