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e-fusion lotion®

4 oz.


elk velvet antler extract

emu oil

vitamin E

safflower oil


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a fantastic facial moisturizer







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If you suffer from psoriasis?  have poor circulation? Or stiff joints from a long ago injury? 

You might want to give e-fusion® a try!

Testimonials from e-fusion® users

     Stan Bajdan - Wisconsin

     Rick Lisko - Wisconsin

     Karen Wellert - Arizona

     Sam Madrid - Colorado

     Shirley Saurer -  Wisconsin

     Dan Davies - Wisconsin

     Dianne Hagen, North Dakota

     Deborah Batterman, Wisconsin

     Jesse Burr, North Carolina



May, 2006

Introducing our new product……  e-fusion®

A moisturizer, plus a transdermal delivery system to provide help to sore joints.

Having sold our elk velvet antler for the past ten years, we know the amazing benefits of velvet antler.  We are constantly hearing from our customers how our velvet antler has helped them with joint pain, accelerated healing and aids in the recovery of over worked muscles.

From our own experiences with using vitamin E, we have come to believe it is one of nature’s powerful antioxidants helping to protect the skin. We are advocates of emu oil’s many natural properties which includes promoting regeneration. And last, we choose safflower because of its long history of use, especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine to improve circulation, alleviate painful and stiff joints.

 We named our lotion e-fusion® because the 3 main ingredients beginning with the letter e; elk velvet antler, emu oil, vitamin E.  The word fusion, a blend or combination of the three e’s.

The many letters of thanks over the years have given us the commitment to bringing our quality products to those who want to use natural ways to promote good health.  It is fitting for us to introduce e-fusion to you in 2006 as we celebrate ten years in business. Treat yourself to this super blend of ingredients to moisturize, rejuvenate and renew your skin.


Bob and Diana Susen