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Antler Science and Product Technology Book, Price $49.95

The most prestigious book, Antler Science and Product Technology is the proceedings from the International Symposium on Antler Science and Product Technology held in Banff, Canada in April 2000.  This 473-page book published by the Antler Science and Product Technology Research Centre in 2001 contains antler biology, chemistry, clinical and medical studies, as well as special lectures from this all-important gathering of researchers from around the world.  This book was edited by a group of well-known researchers on the subject of velvet antler including J.S.Sim, H.H. Sunwoo, R.J. Husdon, and B.T. Jeon.  This book has been an essential tool in building a scientific foundation for the traditional nutraceutical uses of antler.

The remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler, Betty Kamen, Price: $12.95

One of the most comprehensive single authored books to date on velvet antler was published by Nutrition Encounter in 1999.  In the fifty-two page book, The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler, Betty Kamen PhD and Paul Kamen share the facts and scientific research on velvet antler they have collected.  A well known columnist for health news publications, Betty holds a MA in psychology and PhD in nutrition.  Her son, Paul, a naval architect by trade, is a contributing writer for magazines.  Their book defines the components in velvet antler and explores the reason velvet antler is so special.  To help explain the use of velvet antler as a nutritional supplement for joints, this book gives the reader excellent details about arthritis and states, "Velvet Antler may be one of the missing elements in the modern diet that has allowed such a tragic loss to our collective health."

A Gift from Nature, Cindy  Ewashkiw and Marion Allen  Price: $2.99

The 200 edition of Velvet Antler, A Gift From Nature, and second reprint in 2001 has made this 28 page booklet one of the most published pieces on velvet antler.  Written by two Canadian women, Dietary Technologist Cindy Ewashkiw and Registered Nurse Marion Allen, this booklet is informative yet an easy to understand health guide on velvet antler.  Included are the biologic and therapeutic effects of velvet antler in animals and humans.  Amoung the research cited is the "Chemical Characterization of Growing Antlers from Wapiti" from the University of Alberta in Edmonton. 

Velvet Deer Antler, The ultimate Anti-aging Supplement, Alex Duarte, O.D.phD, Price: $9.99

In 1995 Dr. Alex Duarte O.D. PhD published his book, The Benefits of Velvet Antler and released his second printing called Velvet Deer Antler: The Ultimate Anti-aging Supplement in the year 2000. A research microbiologist with a doctorate in Optometry, and a Ph.D. in Nutrition, Dr. Duarte has written over a dozen best selling health books.  In the latest edition of his book, Durate covers the historic use of velvet antler by athletes and states "the IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor) derived from velvet antler may be the answer that all bodybuilders and our senior citizens have been looking for; an answer that may even promote greater health and extend life."

Velvet Antler: A Literature Review, Helen J. Batchelder, Price:$1.95

In 1999, Velvet Antler: A Literature Review, written by Helen J. Batchelder, was released.  As an editor of several herbal publications, Ms Batchelder's knowledge of botanicals and the need for the public to understand their efficacy prompted her to include a complete catalog of citations regarding velvet antler in her booklet.  Among the summary of biochemical effects of velvet antler included is the suggestion that peptide growth factors, such as epidermal growth factor (EGF), may have a role in wound healing and may be useful in the estrogen replacement therapies, since EGF supplants estrogen in genital tract development.

Velvet Antler, Nature's Superior Tonic, Alison Davidson, Price $9.95

One of three pieces dedicated solely to velvet antler published in 2000 is Velvet Antler, Nature's Superior Tonic, authored by Alison Davidson with the help of Dr. Helen Zhou, a doctor of tradition Chinese medicine.  This 80 page paperback was written to serve as an introduction to this ancient and powerful remedy.  This book briefly covers antler velvet's history and tradition of use, the scientific research that supports these traditional claims, together with examples of velvet's well documented therapeutic benefits.  Allison, a journalist, editor, author and video producer in the health field, calls velvet antler "An amazing health breakthrough."

The Secrets of Staying Young, Nina Anderson and Dr. Howard Peiper, Price $9.95

The 1999 publishing of the book The Secrets of Staying Young, written by Nina Anderson and Dr. Howard Peiper focuses on natural ways to turn back the clock.  Anderson is a nationally acclaimed researcher specializing in preventive medicine and Peiper, a Naturopath O.D., has written various books on health.  This book touches briefly on the effect velvet antler plays in converting cholesterol to  testosterone.

Elk Monarch of the Forest Video, North American Council on Elk Ranching, Price $19.95

Produced by elk ranchers in North American, this video takes a look at why this industry is being called the "livestock of the future."

Being involved in the making of this film, Diana and Bob are proud to be members of this group.