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  • Enhance performance

  • Prolong endurance

  • Speed recovery times so you can work out longer, harder and more frequently

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Meadow Creek Elk Farms, LLC

West Bend, WI,  USA

I first started taking velvet antler after speaking with Diana Susen at Meadow Creek  about my training for my first triathlon.  Once she new of my task at hand, she suggested taking velvet antler to see how it would help my training.  Within days of starting it, I noticed a nice increase in my metabolism.  The aching I was starting to have in my knees stopped and they have not bothered me since.  My training went well and I have since completed my triathlon-bringing home a third place finish!  .  After about a week on the velvet antler, my time had dropped from my fastest being 1 hour and 2 minutes down to 54 minutes!  My running was more comfortable, my swimming was smooth, it all came together.   The velvet antler gives me an all day "comfort and ease" feeling.  I do not get any "up" and "down" moments like slamming a red bull would do.  It's a great product and I will continue on it as long as I am here!

 Diana Behrend, Triathlete, Slinger Wisconsin, September, 2008




LOCAL BODY BUILDER BRINGS HOME TITLE..... Training hard puts stress on my muscles and joints, I feel that taking Meadow Creek's velvet antler helps to reduce the soreness and inflammation.

 Brad Riekkoff, 1st place  light heavyweight division of the Naturalmania Nationals.


Benedictine University study of  American weight-lifters taking velvet antler supplements showed positive results. Read >>

NOT JUST A SEX POTION... Highly prized for centuries throughout Asia as a sex-enhancing potion as well as an essential immune-system booster and health tonic, velvet deer antler is rapidly being embraced by world-class athletes. Among those in the know, "velvet" is considered to be an elite medicinal solution for improving muscular strength, combating the effects of stress and fatigue and reducing recuperation time. Used by Russian athletes for decades, an impressive body of scientific data substantiate many of its claims to fame.  

Read complete article from Physical Magazine  >>



VELVET ANTLER HELPS ME SKI.... As the publisher of the book, Velvet Antler by Alison Davidson, I was well aware of the benefits of this remarkable supplement.  Yet, I had to prove that it worked.  At the beginning of ski season 2001, my meniscus damaged knee was making me aware that even with my leg brace, I may have difficulty participating in one of my favorite sports.,  In fall, I decided to try velvet antler and within a week noticed that my "trick knee" had disappeared and the chronic pain was gone.  Although I continued to wear my brace throughout the season, I never experienced the weakness I'd endured in previous seasons.  My ability to hike in the summer has also returned as my knee does not collapse as I make my way down the mountain.  I know it's the velvet antler that is making a difference because whenever I run out of the product, within a few days my knee feels weaker.  As an ISSA-certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition, I advocate it to all my sports clients who have sustained some sort of joint or tissue injury.                      Nina Anderson, S.P.N


NCAA DIVISION III CHAMPION USES MCEF VELVET ANTLER... I find the benefits of faster recovery from training and after racing tremendous. I believe velvet antler helped me to achieve the title of woman's NCAA 1500 & 3000 Track Champion.  Mari Lynn

    read about Mari's amazing career>>


HISTORIC USE OF VELVET...Velvet antler has been used in Russia since the fifteenth century. Organized farming for antlers, however, did not begin until about 1840 in Russia. Pantocrin, a lipid extract of velvet antler was introduced in 1931 and has a long history of being used by Russian athletes. Both research and clinical studies from Russia show beneficial results for athletes.


VELVET IN THE OLYMPICS... Dr. Arkady Koulton, M.D.,Ph.D. and past chairman of the Medical Committee of the Russian Body Building Federation has conducted controlled studies on Olympic athletes in the Soviet Union. Results have shown that athletes taking pantocrin had significant endurance increases.


VELVET ANTLER HELPS MY KNEES AND ANKLES...Thank you for the product you supplied us, for our training. I have been slowing down on taking the velvet antler accidentally, and I started to notice some pains. My knees and ankles started to ache after my training. It would prevent me from training the next day, or even just running. I wasn’t sure if the issues were from the lack of the supplement, but then I started to feel more fatigued. I thought it must be a lack of taking the velvet antler. I started to take it regular for several days, and there was a noticeable difference in my times. They started going down and the aches weren’t there after my training.   Peter Rice

LOCAL ATHLETES TAKE TOP HONORS IN TRIATHLON  08/2009  The Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse of Washington County (AODA) paired up this past Saturday with local sponsors; West Bend Mutual Insurance Company, Meadow Creek Elk Farms, Washington County Parks and Planning, Johnson Bus, Mid-Cities MotorSports, Hartford Savings Bank, Road ID and Hammer Nutrition, to hold the first Under-the-Influence-of-Adrenaline triathlon in West Bend. Proceeds from the Triathlon will be used to support AODA’s prevention and early intervention services.   

On the southeastern shores of West Bend’s Little Cedar Lake and the surrounding rolling hills of the Kettle Moraine, over 325 athletes endured the cold weather to test their strength and endurance on a chilly Wisconsin day. Participants for the quarter mile swim, thirteen mile bike and 5K run were vastly supported by area businesses to promote healthy living. With a great turnout of both sponsors and volunteers for this event made the event a success and proved to be what many may call “the sport of the new millennium”.

Meadow Creek Elk Farms, owned locally by Bob and Diana Susen, not only had the pleasure of sponsoring the event as a whole through a generous donation of their coveted elk burgers for participants and volunteers, but also individually sponsored four athletes that took remarkable results and high honors for the event.  Each athlete has been using the all-natural velvet antler supplement manufactured by Meadow Creek Elk Farm, which has proved its results through this event. The team consisting of brothers, Brad Riekkoff, and Peter and Paul Reis placed second in the event, with Paul taking a first place time of 38.58 minutes for the bike portion and Peter taking a second place with a time of 7.23 minutes for the swim. Placing in the top 10 has been de-je-vue for eldest brother, Brad, who placed 7th in the Naturalmania Nationals, a natural body building competition.  “It’s been a while since I’ve participated in any events like this, I totally enjoyed getting back in the swing of things, and it was especially rewarding to compete with my brothers.”  

In addition to sponsoring the brothers, Meadow Creek Elk Farms also sponsored athlete and natural fitness enthusiast, Diana Behrend. Behrend, of Slinger, completed the entire course herself placing 6th in her division, with an overall time of 1.50.34.  Behrend is a featured athlete on their website, boasting how velvet antler has increased her stamina and endurance during the circuit of events she has been participating in over the last year.  Velvet antler, a two thousand year old supplement used in the Orient is sparking a modern day interest with athletes and health conscience consumers as a performance enhancer for those wanting to compete and stay in the zone.  Elk velvet antler is becoming a hit with athletes who want to increase their strength and endurance using a natural product. Clinical research has proven that velvet antler improves muscle endurance, and the increase of blood supply to the muscles acts as an anti-inflammatory, allowing athletes to recover faster from training sessions.   Achieving success for most athletes means consistency in training and keeping the body in a fine tuned balance at all times.  With many supplements on the market today to improve the recovery times during training, velvet antler is again proving to play a significant part of the winners circle.

The common effort by The Council on Alcohol and other Drug Abuse of Washington County (AODA), through the Under-the-influence-of-Adrenaline, and each of its sponsors focused on the healthy and natural living of all. Bringing health and fitness awareness to the community is a reward that was given to everyone involved. Thanks to sponsors like Meadow Creek Elk Farm, the status quo of living will be raised to a healthy status quo of living.




Diana Behrend

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Brad Riekkoff

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Mari Lynn



Riekkoff brothers



Athlete Updates

April 6, 2010

Meadow Creek Elk Farms is proud to announce the sponsorship of Diana Behrend in the Eisenbahn Half Marathon being held in West Bend WI on August 28, 2010. The race is being organized by The Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse of Washington Co. (AODA)

Diana's 2010 schedule

April 24th- The Deer Run-a 10K   in Brown Deer, WI

May 16th-Cellcomm Green Bay 1/2 Marathon in Green Bay, WI

August 28th-AODA, the Council 1/2 Marathon in West Bend, WI September-no date set yet, but the Marinette Triathlon (3rd year in a row)

October-no date set yet, but the Green Bay Duathlon (3rd year in a row)